Our Parktown North Studio is the hub of Polestar Pilates South Africa.
It is a friendly, community-oriented environment that welcomes all.

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Pilates Teacher Teaching on the Reformer with a Student


Polestar Pilates is a global community of movers that focus on whole body health, positive movement experiences, and the mind-body-spirit connection.

Our mission is to shape and transform South African health by making Pilates available to everyone. Joseph Pilates’s original work was much more than just exercise. Polestar expands on this by adding critical thinking, assessment, accessibility, and teacher training into its programs.

Founded in the United States in 1992, Polestar today is found in over 60 countries and we are thrilled to be one of the 40 sites that also offer instructor training. At the forefront of Pilates education, we are proud to spread the benefits of Pilates by producing the finest Pilates professionals in the world.


about the studio

Based in a traditional old Parktown North house on 7th Avenue, the Polestar Pilates Studio provides a friendly, private, secure and up-market environment for one-on-one and group Pilates classes. Equipped exclusively with Balanced Body equipment and staffed with expertly qualified Polestar Instructors, we provide personal and highly professional Pilates instruction.


Impacting Global Well-being Through Education and Practice.


Achieving wellness through movement and professional practice.

our values

Professionalism & Excellence through education & practice
Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation
Honesty & integrity
Having fun
Community orientated & friendly

meet the team

Heidi Wright

Heidi Wright F.I.S.T.D. F.C.U.S.A. Final Diploma N.C.P.T.
principle Polestar Instructor and
Head of the Polestar Academy

Heidi Wright is a Master Teacher in the genres of Pilates and Ballet. She has been an international and residential guest instructor, lecturer, practitioner and published writer in both genres since 1992 and is certified in Pilates Mat, Allegro, Studio and Post Rehabilitation with Polestar Pilates (Miami) and with Pilates elder Lolita San Miguel. She is also a member of PMA and a NCPT practitioner. As a Breast Cancer Survivor, Heidi holds a special interest in post-operative Breast Cancer therapy and holds a certificate in Post Rehabilitation/Recovery for Breast Cancer patients with the Pink Ribbon Program. Heidi also works with dancers suffering from injuries of overuse, surgery or simply those that are in special needs for their professions. Heidi Wright has certifications in ballet including Fellowship and Final Diploma with Cecchetti I.S.T.D., Cecchetti U.S.A. and The Cecchetti Society of Southern Africa. Heidi also holds a Teachers and Examiners qualification from the United Kingdom Teachers of Dance and has adjudicated dance competitions in both the United States and South Africa.

gloria agustoni

gloria agustoni Dance and Pilates Instructor

Gloria Agustoni comes from a dance background where she has trained in multiple dance styles for over 25 years. She first stepped into the Pilates world at age 14 to rehabilitate an injury and instantly understood the benefits of practicing this movement style.

Gloria is a certified dance and Pilates instructor and promotes Pilates as the perfect addition to any individual’s fitness journey. She believes Pilates is a phenomenal way to strengthen the body and prevent injury, enhance mind and body awareness and improve overall mobility.

elfride stocken

elfride stocken Instructor and Entrepreneur

Elfriede Stocken is a versatile professional with a background in engineering, banking, and skincare. As a qualified Industrial Engineer, she optimised manufacturing processes before transitioning to the Banking industry for a decade. Alongside her MBA degree, she also became a certified ITEC Skin therapist in 2006, establishing her own successful skincare practice in 2007 where she developed a keen understanding of client needs and gained invaluable insight into the realm of health and wellness.

During her time in Beijing, China, Elfriede discovered Pilates and recognised the transformative power of the Polestar brand through Lili Schloss. After meeting Heidi Wright in South Africa in 2011, she dedicated herself to training with her upon returning to SA in 2013. Currently training as a Polestar Instructor, Elfriede is also specialising in exercise for post-rehabilitation of breast cancer through the Pink Ribbon Breast Rehabilitation course.

Driven by her personal Pilates journey and a desire to help others, Elfriede aspires to empower clients with the positive, life-affirming change that Polestar Pilates brings. With her diverse skills and unwavering commitment to wellness, she is a valuable asset in delivering exceptional results and fostering holistic well-being.


ANDREW Brown Founder and Executive Business Coach

After several decades of training and competing in endurance events like Comrades, Ironman and The Skyrun, my lower back gave up on me. Symptomatic relief from the physiotherapist and chiropractor was short-lived. My much-loved running career had come to an end. The referral to Heidi Wright, a Polestar trained Pilates Instructor, proved to be life-changing. Not only did the progressive strengthening of my core and supporting muscles restore my ability to run, but it sparked the idea of establishing Polestar Pilates in South Africa and bringing the same level of excellence I had experienced with Heidi to more people. Hence the establishment of this studio and the Polestar Academy in South Africa.

With over 15 years of experience in the South African Healthcare industry, I firmly believe the dogged pursuit of health and wellness through balanced exercise, good nutrition and a balanced lifestyle is the answer to healthy longevity. Good health is wealth, and Polestar Pilates South Africa is my small contribution to that.



Nina is a versatile Pilates instructor with a strong foundation in Performing Arts. She trained at the renowned Cape Academy of Performing Arts in Cape Town where she honed her skills in drama, singing, and a variety of dance styles.

Her passion for Pilates blossomed during this period, as it proved instrumental in safeguarding her from injuries during many long dance sessions. This newfound love led her to relocate to Johannesburg, where she pursued acting alongside her mat and reformer training.

Since then, Nina has seamlessly balanced her roles as a Pilates instructor and her involvement in the film industry, where she excels as both an actress and set choreographer. Her portfolio boasts a rich array of work, spanning commercials, films, music videos, and more.

While Nina enjoys her contributions to the film industry, she views it more as a fulfilling hobby than a primary career pursuit. Pilates, on the other hand, remains the cornerstone of her professional journey. Her true fulfilment lies in guiding individuals to move their bodies, particularly those seeking rehabilitation or specialised sports training.

Nina’s own commitment to a multifaceted approach to fitness is evident, as she engages in a dynamic blend of activities, including gym workouts, callisthenics, dance, kickboxing, and, of course, Pilates. Excellent with clients, her infectious sense of humour ensures that even the most reserved individuals are comfortable in her company.

what we offer

Highly qualified professional instructors providing individualised programmes to promote your health and wellness, utilising the best Balanced Body equipment, in a safe and friendly environment.


Individualised Physical Rehab

Individualised Rehabilitation Programme utilising Pilates practice and discipline.

Individualised fitness

Individualised strength & flexibility workouts that promote well-being and sporting improvement.

Reformer group Classes

Group reformer classes utilising state-of-the-art Balanced Body equipment structured to suit different experience and fitness levels.

Mat Classes

Group mat classes utilising various equipment such as balls, bands, blocks, rings, weights etc.

polestar sa

Principle Polestar Trainer


R630 (per person)


R475 (per person)


R420 (per person)

standard trainer


R510 (per person)


R380 (per person)


R350 (per person)


mat class

R225 (per person)

reformer class

R350 (per person)

All sessions and classes are 55 minutes in duration.

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